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Need more than 60 seconds to tell your story? It’s important to get listeners interested and keep them engaged. Explainers, e-learning, corporate narration, documentaries… each needs a tailored approach. I can breathe life into even the most technical of subjects! Got a project in the works? I would love to hear your ideas. >>


Each commercial or brand statement is unique. Every voice-over must be tailored to match. Need a confident, real-person? Emotional gavitas? A sense of humor? I know when to sit back and let the images speak, and when to stomp the gas and blow the doors off. Let’s talk about bringing your vision to life. >>


Normally I am reserved and thoughtful. Behind the mic… that’s different story. This articulate guy next door easily becomes a seasoned rancher, a DIY expert, a bombastic 1940’s announcer or a parrot with a drinking problem. My versatility gives you confidence throughout your creative process. Let’s talk! >>

Being a professional voice actor is about more than the sound of a voice. It is script interpretation, acting, imagination, and someone who makes your project more important that their ego. It also means broadcast quality sound, great communication skills, prompt follow-up and a quick turnaround. A great attitude doesn’t hurt either. I bring these qualities to every project.