I recently came across a quote attributed to Roy T. Bennett:

“Listen with curiosity, speak with honesty, act with integrity”.

It may sound a little odd, but this quote “sings” to me. That’s my way of describing what it feels like when something fits me exactly, like it was made for me. I try to live my life and conduct my business in just this way: Listen with curiosity, speak with honesty, act with integrity.

Years ago I anchored the morning drive show at mid-market radio station. It was fun, but what I loved most was the creativity of writing, voicing and producing commercials, promos and imaging. That has never left me.

Since then, other types of jobs have taught me the value of trust, courteous and prompt customer service, and being organized. Like most people, my work experiences weren’t all good, but I always found ways to learn and grow. In any case, I hadn’t thought about my years in radio in a long time.

That all changed when I heard an ad for an introductory program about how you – yes you! – can make tons of easy money doing voice-over from home. “And that’s not all! if you act now…”

Unrealistic hype aside, that ad sparked my curiosity. Research quickly showed that while I was traveling other employment roads, technology had evolved to where working in voice-over from a home studio was not only possible, but commonplace. You need to understand, this had been unheard of while I was in broadcasting. If you weren’t in L.A. or New York, it used to be hopeless.

I quickly realized I had been waiting to hear this piece of news for years. It was as if the clouds opened and the angels broke into song.

The idea of voice-over sang to me.

I immediately dedicated myself to learning how I could use my voice, my creativity, my years of experience and my desire to help others through my own voice-over business.

Now, I get to live out my ideals in my business every day while doing something I love and am eternally grateful for.

I have a voice that sounds real because it is real. I can play many roles, but at their essence they are all me. The jobs I’ve had, the people I’ve known, and the relationships that worked and didn’t. I am the product of the triumphs and failures, joys and sorrows from a life well lived. Real.