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As we navigate the current restrictions concerning social distancing, PPE wearing and staying at home, we all face challenges. It doesn’t make it any easier that there is so much negativity all around us all the time. The numbers of people infected and dying get worse every day. Add to that the economy, politics, finger pointing and blame spewing. The criticism, judgment and self-righteousness. Income concerns, relationship stress, and an uncertain future. The fear.

Today I decided that I had indulged myself in all of that for far too long. Like it or not, we really are all in this situation together. I can’t control the thinking or actions of other people, but I can control me. My challenge to myself is to cut down on the consumption of media that relishes and nourishes all the negative. To resist my own negative inclinations and rise above. If I can, to be a tiny bit of light in this dark place. To offer an unexpected smile. To reach out to check on someone. To offer an encouraging word. To try to find the positives and point them out. To dare to hope. To pray instead of criticize. To be better.

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